Flaget Class of 72 Reunion

Flaget class of ’72 50th Reunion

John McGrath will be organizing our 50th reunion. John is looking for input on
how to celebrate our 50th reunion. He’s also is in need of phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Please e-mail John at yourcall5@att.net with any ideas or contact information. When you
e-mail John let him know if you have an interest in coming our 50th reunion.

We all need to make our 50th reunion our greatest. We have already lost 21 classmate so who knows how many
more won’t be around for out 55th reunion. I look forward to seeing everyone at our reunion in 2020.
Paul Scott

Deceased classmates:

Keith R. Bender, Michael D. Burton, Arnold L. Cullivan, Michael A. Davis,Donald Jude Elkins,
Steve G. Hatzell, Michael Joseph Hellinger, “Joseph Dennis “”Denny”” Hickerson”, Larry A. Hume,
Samuel R. Lee, Gary W. McMahan, Andrew Eugene Miller, William G. Nix, Darrell K. Ramey
John Bernard Recktenwald, “Joseph W. “”Bill”” Riggs”, Charles William Riney, Robert Lewis Robinson,
Charles Raymond Sayles, Michael J. Thompson, John L. Weathers