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Dear Flaget Alumnus/Friends:

The 2019 membership has remained over 1000 in spite of the increasing number of deaths of our classmates.
Our membership for 2019 is 1,029, a little more than 40% of the available alumni, compared to 1,058 for 2018. We all need to recruit new members of our association. Ask your classmates to join. Membership is open to anyone. Ask your children to join to keep the memory of Flaget alive.

We attained our goal of $1,000,000 for the Flaget Endowment Fund for Catholic Education in 2015 and began giving $5,000 scholarships to the area Catholic high schools. Thus far we have distributed $235,000 for scholarships and will be distributing another $60,000 in 2019.

We feel that this is the best way to preserve the name and legacy of our school. Please consider a donation to our Endowment Fund.

Our new Flaget Museum was dedicated several years ago. If you haven’t visited, it’s well worth your time. The museum is located in Xaverian Hall on the St. Xavier High School campus and is open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday-Friday.

We are continually searching for our alumni with whom we have lost contact. A list of the approximately 290 missing classmates is on this website. Contact us if you have address information for anyone.

Our 2019 membership year began in January. Annual dues are only $20 and membership is open to all graduates and friends of Flaget. Here’s what you get: monthly meetings at the Elks Lodge featuring dynamic speakers and friends from the good old days; free lunches in July and December; two issues of our highly-acclaimed Smoke Signals newsletter; meeting reminder cards and special events like reunions, golf scrambles and all-class outings. Please contact us for membership information.

Endowment Status

The Flaget Alumni Association established the Flaget Alumni Scholar
Fund in 2004 to provide tuition assistance to needy students at the
Catholic High Schools in the Louisville area. The fund is
administered by the Community Foundation of Louisville.

Last Updated Date: December 31, 2019
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Donations may be made payable to Flaget Alumni Association and sent to:

Flaget Alumni Association
P O Box 36558
Louisville, KY 40233-6558