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*In 2020 we lost 88 alumni and teachers. May they all rest in peace.

Joseph Patrick Bacon ‘68, Robert R. Baechle ’57, Oscar John “Jerry” Baker III ‘57, Gaylord B. Ballard ‘49, Dr. William L. Barnett ‘56, James A. Bell ‘51, Robert “Pat” Patterson Bir ’62, John R. Bohn ’55, William (Bill) Bohnert ‘50, Richard Bonn Sr. ‘49, James “Jimmy” Robert Boone ‘71, Robert C. Brock ‘59, William Reynolds “Bill” Burke ‘52, Phillip Terry Cammack ‘67, Edward Elam Carlton Sr. Lay Facuity, William P. Clark ‘52, Charles R. Columbus ‘52, William Paul “Pete” Corbett ‘50, Donald Joseph Craig ‘52, William D. Cummings ‘69, F. Edward Dahlem ‘55, Raymond Patrick Dant ‘49, William J. Duddy ‘55, Ronald J. Duvall ‘64, Kenneth L. (Buddy) Eichert ‘59, Frank G. Ellington ‘45, Alvin F. Feige ‘55, Rosalie Corso “Duck” Frame Lay Facuity, John Patrick Francis ‘68, Joseph C. “Skip” French, Jr. ‘67, William L. “Billy” Gant ‘54, Dr. Nicholas Warisse Glaser ‘47, Melvin J. Goodfriend ‘62, Mike Hansford ‘64, Raymond F. Hartlage ‘54, Charles A. “Chuck” Hasken ‘69, Lawrence E. Hawkins ‘63, Mack Herman Hayes Jr. ‘66, David L. Heuke ‘54, Charles Michael (Mike) Hicks ‘59, Raymond J. Hillebrand ‘64, Richard F. Hickey ’47, Louis E. Hilpp ’66, Terry Alan “Sammy” Hilpp ‘71, James B. (Shaemus) Hughes ’47, Paul Vernon Hornung ‘53, Paul E. Ice Jr. ‘70, David A. Jansing ‘58, David L. Kamper ’51, Robert M. Kampschaefer ‘52, John D. Kiefner ‘65, Vincent P. “Ben” Killmeier ’52, Donald Raymond Krebs ‘55, Bernard R. Kremer ‘66, Michael Leahy ‘58, Stephen “Steve” Rae Lindsey ‘70, Judge Michael Owen McDonald ‘53, James “Bob” McGinty ‘53, Thomas J. Medley ‘58, Charles E. Meisenhelder ‘60, Donald J. Merkley ‘53, Charles Everett Moore ‘57, Robert F. Mudd ‘59, Alan R. Muench ’48, Thomas M. Noonan, Jr. ‘52, Raymond A. “Ray” Nowacki Jr. ‘56, Patrick Michael O’Bryan ‘56, William Edward Orthober ‘56, John R. Poppe ‘56, Richard Lee “Rich” Powell ‘58, David L. Quesenberry ‘49, Philip A. Ratterman ‘51, Paul C. “Buddy” Ridge ‘49, Woodrow W. Robertson ‘58, William John Robertson ‘53, Henry J. Saam 47, Paul Schmitt, ‘56, William E. “Bill” Schmuckie ‘53, Richard P. Sohan ’54, Albert E. Steiger ‘64, Ronald Erich Straub ’59, Albert “Bum” Steiger III ‘64, William W. Struck ‘55, Lawrence Stephen “Steve” Tarter ‘73, Joseph Anthony Vittitoe, Sr. ‘53, Donald A. Vocke ‘57, Steve Weber ‘67, William E. Whalen, Jr. ‘51

*The number of deaths in 2020 could change
as we enter 2021 due to deaths not being reported.

Schnellenberger Receives Bear Bryant Lifetime Achievement Award

2020 Flaget Luncheon


Flaget luncheon information:

The January luncheon has been cancelled. Please check our website at the
end of January or early February for a decision on our February luncheon.

Every few weeks I will post 3 different pictures to see if anyone can name them.

Above are 3 of Flaget’s best. Can anyone put a name to these pictures?
E-mail me at if you know who they are. Identify them by left, center and right.

January 11, 2012 Speaker Howard Schnellenberger

The next Alumni Luncheon is:

Date: February 10th

Special Note:

Please check our website at the end of January or early
February for a decision on our February luncheon.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Flaget Alumni Association is to promote Christian fellowship with its members as follows:

● By sustaining the friendships developed while attending our beloved Flaget High School.
● By sustaining the unique spirit bestowed upon all who were a part of Flaget High School.
● By developing educational and charitable grants to memorialize the spirit and memory
of Flaget High School so its spirit may be passed on to the generations of the future.
● By supporting the ministry of the Xaverian Brothers to honor and celebrate their
commitment to education and the poor and our communion with the Brothers.

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