Missing Alumni

The Flaget Alumni Association is searching for addresses and telephone
numbers for 79 missing alumni from its thirty graduating classes, 1945-1974.

If you have information for any of the persons listed below, please contact
Bob Ullrich ’65 at 502-459-6820 or e-mail him at bobullrich47@gmail.com

Last Updated: 01/13/19

Class of ’47
Richard F. Hickey

Class of ’50
Billy Gene Coley

Class of ’51
Robert A. Newton

Class of ’52
Charles E. Durrett

Class of ’53
Charles G. Combs

Class of ’56
John J. Barker, Patrick J. Bernard

Class of ’57
Robert E. Bradley, Charles E. Moore

Class of ’58
Lawrence R. Martin, David M. O’Dea,
Frank J. Williams, John A. Wiseman

Class of ’59
Thomas L. Clark, Richard J. McIntosh, George E. Thompson

Class of ’60
Charles T. Clark, James P Henry, Ronald J. Hutchins,
James L. Johnson, Phillip F. Miller, Randolph A. Moore,
Stephen R. Porter, John J. Rice

Class of ’61
William A. Hofmann, Thomas W. Jones, Robert Mattingly,
Donald L. Turner

Class of ’62
Robert P Bir, William F. Hill, Joseph H. Mattingly,
Ronald A. Mueller, Robert Michael Wheatley

Class of ’63
Thomas F. Hale, Lawrence E. Hawkins, Charles K. Hill,
John R. Morris, Francis E. O’Brien, James R. Pitts

Class of ’64
William W. Baylor, Arthur C. Dillard, Charles E. Miller,
Tony E. Moorehead, William C. Sharp

Class of ’66
Charles H. Johnson, Francis A. Peak,
William W. Scott, Daniel A. Smith

Class of ’67
Thomas R. Brown, James M. Burke, Alvin J. Frazier

Class of ’68
Richard Adams, James B. Brady, James E. Brown,
William J. Faulkner, Paul C. Hayes, Thomas V. Montgomery,
Patrick J. Welch

Class of ’69
Michael L. Bowman, Maurice Cox,
Gerald M. Davis, Daniel R. Livers

Class of ’70
Larry E. Cahill, Joseph W. Davis,
Paul D. Thomas

Class of ’72
Robert L. Brooks, Raymond Jackson,
Charles W. Thompson, James E. Ward

Class of ’73
James D. Francis, John M. Horton,
Christopher A. Lander, James S. McDowell

Class of ’74
Mark A. Brown, Sam Calhoun, Robert E. Martin, Mary T. Stikes Austin,
Ralph E. Strange, Vivian D. Williams

Lay Faculty and Staff
Edward Carlton, David Dyke, Barbara Freund,
Leroy Malone, Larry Rogers, Donna Wilson