Video Instructions

Video Instructions

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There are a few things I feel you need to be aware of to help you enjoy these videos. You have to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer before the videos will play. If you don’t you’ll receive a message with a link that you need to install Adobe Flash Player. Once you have this installed you shouldn’t receive any further messages.

Once you’ve watched a video you can click back on your browser to return to the Sport Videos web page.

When you open the videos you’ll see a video play bar at the bottom of the video (see the image below). This bar will allow you to pause and play, turn the sound off and on and increase the size of the video to full screen.

There’s also instructions below on how to delete the ads that appear at the bottom of each video.

Some of these videos have music that plays over and over. If the music annoys you, you can turn the music off. Look at the image below and click the icon that’s above “Turn Sound off and on”.

You’ll also notice on the image below that there’s an icon to click to increase the size of video image to full screen. Keep in mind that the quality of these videos isn’t the best so if you increase the image size and don’t like the quality you can click the full screen icon again to return the image back to it’s original size.

These videos do have some ads at the bottom of each video. To close the ad

all you have to do is click the X at the top right of the ad. See the ad below for an example.

If you have any questions of problems with the Sport
Videos webpage please e-mail: